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Travel and holidays are generally associated with thoughts of recuperation, adventure and fun, so many people don't consider that the tourism industry has any direct associations with serious ethical problems, while they are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year. Yet it is a fact that central risk areas can be identified: especially the release of greenhouse gas emissions from tourist flights as well as overloading of the natural environment, the violation of the rights of the population in the destination country and critical working conditions for low income groups. In particular the latter problems are primarily found in the destination countries, in general they do exist in relation to society as a whole while overlapping with other economic sectors.

The era-paper tourism focuses on the distribution of services and goods in the case of mapping and assessing the value added chain: advance services from second-tier suppliers are provided to hotels and restaurants, tour operators put the packages together until finally the end product (the trip) is available to the customer at the end of the value added chain. A distinction is drawn between:


Second tier suppliers: food producers, water/energy providers, waste management companies etc.

First tier suppliers: hotel operators, transport companies, providers of excursions, restaurants etc. 


era-paper Tourism

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