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Ethical Risk Assessment | Framework

The era framework illustrates the results of the ethical risk assessments. The figure shows the value added chain and assigns the main problem fields identified to the process steps. Just move your mouse pointer over the framework. You can switch between the different industries on the left side. Also read the background information on the ethical risk assessment.

Ethische Risikoanalyse | Framework

Das era-Framework veranschaulicht die Ergebnisse unserer ethischen Risikoanalyse als interaktive Grafik, in der die schwerwiegendsten Risiken auf den einzelnen Stufen der Wertschöpfungsketten verschiedener Branchen visualisiert werden. Aus technischen Gründen steht dieses Tool derzeit nur in der Desktop-Version unserer Homepage zur Verfügung. Lesen Sie auch die Hintergrundinformationen zur ethischen Risikoanalyse.



Despite a complex European regulatory structure, including comprehensive and unique manufacturer responsibility in this respect, humans and nature in countries outside of Europe are adversely affected by the disposal of disused electrical devices of western industrial nations.

Although all serious ethical problems in the field of electrorecycling, especially environmental impacts and working conditions which have an adverse impact on health, are primarily found in the informal sector of West African and Southeast Asian countries, the core problem lies within the European borders - in the transition between the formal and the informal sector. Obviously there is a greater added value with high economic incentives involving a variety of key players on the way between the end consumer, who throws away a product, and the actual recycling. These give shape to a constellation that is a breeding ground for corruption because of the legal grey zones, lack of transparency and strong dynamism.


era-paper Electrorecycling

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