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Ethical Risk Assessment | Background

Ethical risk assessments are at the centre of the foundation's work as a starting point for solution-oriented dialogues between companies, politics and civil society.

The objective of these industry-specific ethical risk assessments is to identify the particularly serious ecological and social problem areas, which can vary greatly depending on the industry. Corporate challenges within the supply chain management in the environmental and social segment are therefore subject to a risk assessment, which is published in the form of the era-paper study series.

The assessment is not restricted to identifying risks at the corporate level here, but also takes into account the regulatory framework and thus the context of a company's activities as well as the interests of other stakeholders.

By expanding the risk perspective, the scope for action of all key players is taken into consideration. The respective contribution to the minimization of social-ethical and environmental challenges is queried. These recommendations for action are listed in the era-paper under the heading "Levers of change".

As a result of this, it is our objective to bring about concrete improvements in the form of model or pilot projects. Using these impact tools, the Hamburg Foundation for Business Ethics follows its approach to subject the results of the Think-Tank work to a practical feasibility test.