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Education & Research

Acceptance as a prerequisite for the market economy

The prerequisite for the market economy is exactly the same as for democracy, from which its pure existence depends on the acceptance of people.

In this context, the economic order is not a natural system, but the result of individual action, social processes and political decisions. This is why the question of which norms and values are required for the business sector needs social and political discourse.

This discourse is not purely an elitist debate, but the citizens are always involved in the negotiation of moral issues in business as voters, consumers, employees or entrepreneurs, as investors and are diversely affected by this.

The education & research project area of the foundation therefore aims to enhance discourse competency as well as the moral judgment and action competency in the business segment. The foundation also seeks to achieve an increased focus in the subject of ethics in business in social science and economics education.


Responsibility ethics as a reflection of economics

Ethical issues and business action cannot be separated, which is why the power to judge morally should form an integral part of economic education. The other way round presupposes that an ethical evaluation guided by reason requires a minimum degree of economic understanding, since otherwise the risk of arbitrary moralization is great. General economic education is therefore essential for political decision-making and is part of democracy education.

The projects and materials of the foundation are therefore based on taking responsibility for the consequences of action / the results as a didactic guiding principle of economic education.

The levels of the economic order, business and the economic citizen are all equally considered in the reflection, justification and the discourse of this responsibility. The objective is to train young people to be more critical and discerning as well as more capable, participating actively and competently in the shaping of society.