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The Hamburger Stiftung für Wirtschaftsethik is a Non-Profit Organization for Ethics and Economics, which focuses on global supply chains and the challenges they are facing. That's what we do and who we are. But the decisive factor is "How".

As a mixture between a financing foundation and operational ThinkTank, we not only take care of the socio-political advocacy of social and economic issues, but also focus on strategic partnerships to shape social changes together.

Our approach in the field of business ethics raises the question of how far corporate responsibility goes and which actors and actions are needed to reach the goal of a more ethical and more sustainable global economy. This means looking at the entire value chain of companies and identifying the consequences of business activity for the environment and society.

The ethical risk assessment of different sectors (era-paper) therefore lies at the heart of our work. Since this makes it possible to translate moral problems into an economic language.


How we started…

A non-profit organization focusing on ethics and economics – who is behind it and how did it happen?

The organization founder and former entrepreneur Christian Steinberg and the executive director, former consultant and journalist, Dr. Jesco Kreft came up with the idea in 2005. The cornerstone was economic understanding combined with a shared normative mindset. This mixture, which leads to the conviction that moral problems have to be be translated into an economic language in order to be handled by an economic system, is reflected not only in our mission. It is also the central theme which goes through all our projects and thus shapes our work.


Where we stand…

It can be argued with total justification, very much on the fence – and that is part of our strategy.

Because our independence allows us to work with a wide range of stakeholders from business, politics and civil society to find solutions to socio-political questions – without the risk of losing sight of long-term goals due to short-term conflicts of interest.

We follow the understanding of a civil society actor, whose privilege and responsibility it is to find ways of solving sociopolitical issues and to dare new things without fearing the risks.


Where we are heading…

The Hamburger Stiftung für Wirtschaftsethik evolved from a financing towards an operational non-profit organization between 2006 and 2010 and has now established itself as a charitable ThinkTank from mid-2011. 

In addition to reflecting on business ethics issues in the form of industry-specific ethical risk assessments (era-paper), we are also on the look-out for the levers for social change. This involves the search for driving and restricting factors in global, complex governance systems. In doing so, we ask key players to take responsibility and inquire as to their motives. We assess the interplay of self-regulatory instruments and legally binding laws and in the future will work increasingly on the transferability of functioning governance architectures.


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